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“A commitment to develop next-generation chemical detection technologies to support military and domestic requirements with innovative, reliable and cost effective technical solutions.”

Sensor Research and Development Corp. is engaged in cutting edge scientific discovery and development in the fields of chemical detection technology and test / evaluation services. From defense, homeland security, environmental protection to food safety applications, SRD is committed to providing high quality services and superior detection technologies to protect the people, infrastructure and environment of the United States.

To accomplish its mission, SRD employs a highly professional and diverse staff of scientists, engineers, technicians and support personnel. Our technical staff encompasses multiple disciplines including chemists (analytical, catalysis, synthesis), signal processing engineers, electrical engineers, system engineers and technicians, and laboratory test engineers.

Interested in a career with SRD? Contact Human Resources:

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Gas Delivery Mixing System


The GDMS AP6Ce is a six-channel gas delivery and mixing system that employs a modular, needs-driven approach and is also available in multiple configurations for all gas dilution and delivery requirements. The GDMS AP6Ce is fully automated and easily programmed via an embedded computer with a touch screen interface.

Gas Delivery Accessories


SRD can design a custom accessory to compliment the functionality of the gas delivery and mixing system designed for your unique application. SRD will work closely with the end-user to specify and design a system add-on specific to your needs. The accessories will interface directly and be integrated with the base unit gas delivery and mixing system.

Gas Testing and Evaluation Service


At SRD, we specialize in gas testing and product/sensor evaluation. This requires not only a laboratory that features state of the art equipment, but a multidisciplinary professional staff as well. The in-house testing and validation group has been in creating unique solutions to gas delivery of low volatile, low vapor pressure compounds since 1993.