Custom Gas Delivery & Mixing Systems | SRD Corp. | Bangor, Maine
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SRD can design custom gas delivery and mixing systems to meet your project’s goal. Our design team works closely with customers identifying core requirements and design specifications ensuring your instrument meets your specific need. SRD’s custom designed gas delivery and mixing systems deliver what others cannot – designed by you, for you by people who understand the needs of researchers for precision gas delivery and mixing instruments. Contact us for more information on how we can help make your ideas a reality.

SRD has designed many custom delivery systems for a diverse client base. Capabilities of these models have included:

  • high dilution for parts-per-billion levels of analyte delivery
  • high-temperature to avoid gas-specific adsorption in the delivery lines
  • delivery of an array of 10 or more analytes sequentially in a single test cycle through a single test protocol
  • multi-stage dilution with zero pressure differential between the delivery and purge cycle

Whatever the need, SRD designs and delivers Sensible Solutions for Gas Delivery and Detection.

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