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GDMS AP6Ce Gas Delivery System Wins Gold

SRDs GDMS AP6Ce Advanced Gas Delivery and Mixing System was selected as Gas and Instrumentation’s 2010 Golden Gas Award Winner in the Gas Delivery Systems category during a ceremony held at the 2010 Pittsburgh Conference (Pittcon) in Orlando, Florida.

Judged against a wide field of highly competitive products, the GDMS AP6Ce garnered the award due to it ability to: solve an important challenge to the gas industry; its technological innovativeness; its environmental “green” attributes as well as the GDMS AP6Ce’s superior specifications in terms of power requirements, speed, footprint, maintenance and cost effectiveness.

Paul Nesdore, G&I’s Publisher/Editor stated that, “This is the finest array of products we have ever seen. Our judges, representing decades of experience in all aspects of gases technologies, had a difficult time, as the products entered represented the cutting-edge of gases technology and implementation.”

We at SRD are honored and extremely proud to have the GDMS AP6Ce Advanced Gas Delivery and Mixing System recognized by the industry as a superior scientific instrument.

Mr. Brent Marquis, SRDs Director of Science and Technology (picture), accepted the award on behalf of the company during a Pittcon 2010 ceremony.

Gas Delivery Mixing System


The GDMS AP6Ce is a six-channel gas delivery and mixing system that employs a modular, needs-driven approach and is also available in multiple configurations for all gas dilution and delivery requirements. The GDMS AP6Ce is fully automated and easily programmed via an embedded computer with a touch screen interface.

Gas Delivery Accessories


SRD can design a custom accessory to compliment the functionality of the gas delivery and mixing system designed for your unique application. SRD will work closely with the end-user to specify and design a system add-on specific to your needs. The accessories will interface directly and be integrated with the base unit gas delivery and mixing system.

Gas Testing and Evaluation Service


At SRD, we specialize in gas testing and product/sensor evaluation. This requires not only a laboratory that features state of the art equipment, but a multidisciplinary professional staff as well. The in-house testing and validation group has been in creating unique solutions to gas delivery of low volatile, low vapor pressure compounds since 1993.