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SRD can design a custom accessory to compliment the functionality of the gas delivery and mixing system designed for your unique application. SRD will work closely with the end-user to specify and design a system add-on specific to your needs. The accessories will interface directly and be completely integrated with the base unit gas delivery and mixing system. SRD has designed a humidity generator module and a permeation oven module that communicates and is controlled by the GDMS-AP6Ce. These modules can also communicate and be controlled by any of SRD’s custom gas delivery and mixing systems.

Humidity Generator

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SRD’s humidity generator module communicates directly with the GDMS-AP6Ce (or with any custom system). The relative humidity level is set on the interface of the base unit and is displayed, in real-time, on the LCD on the front panel of the humidity generator module. The LCD also displays the in-line temperature of the test input gas. Relative humidity can be controlled between 0-100% with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

Permeation Oven

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SRD’s permeation oven module also communicates directly with the GDMS-AP6Ce (or with any custom system). The module can accommodate a wide range of sources for generating precise gas concentrations. Combined with the GDMS-AP6Ce (or any custom-designed base unit), a wide-range of accurate, reliable, and repeatable gas concentrations can be delivered to your target.