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Originally designed to meet our in-house research needs, SRD’s line of gas delivery and mixing products are flexible, reliable and precise delivering high quality performance and ease of use our customers demand. Dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, SRD has become a precision gas delivery product supplier of choice to the federal government, major defense contractors and university research laboratories. As users of the instruments we supply, SRD understands the unique requirements of researchers and can assist in choosing the right products for your needs. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of custom gas delivery and mixing systems and accessories.



The GDMS AP6Ce is a six-channel automated, precision gas delivery and mixing system that is available in multiple configurations for all of your gas dilution and delivery requirements.

Custom Gas Delivery & Mixing Systems


SRD can design a gas delivery and mixing system to meet your custom needs. We’ll work closely with the end-user to ensure that the custom product will be optimized for your application.

Gas Delivery Accessories


SRD can also design a wide range of accessories to meet your custom gas delivery needs. Two of the standard systems that SRD offers are a humidity generator and a permeation oven.